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Nordic and harsh weather conditions make people look for durable and comfortable clothing. This is how HUPPA was born – today, it is an international company.

We believe
We believe that family harmony begins with everyday things. That is why we have dedicated decades of activities to the development of children’s clothing. We value commitment and passion in our work. With over 20 years of experience in the field of children’s wear, our senior staff are guided by our mission to create the best children’s wear in the world and now, we also offer adult outerwear.

Long-term experience
History and long-term experience are extremely important in our field, but in our daily work, we look to the future and deal with the functionality, safety, and appearance of our clothing.

Not just for children
We have expanded Huppa’s collections almost every year, complementing both the functional aspects and the sizes. In 2017, we added adult outerwear to our collections, which have the same features as children’s clothes.

Family-centred outerwear
At Huppa, we create value that makes the family feel better. We are passionate about our work and are constantly looking for new technical solutions. Therefore, we must admit that clothing can always be made better. Part of this progress is also related to the overall development of technology. This is why we keep up with the latest achievements and technological developments of the world’s leading materials manufacturers.

As a leading outerwear brand, we want to provide the highest quality clothing for the family and allow children to express their creativity while playing and moving around in a comfortable and safe way.